Is Together Energy the Best Energy Provider For Your Household?

Is Together Energy the Best Energy Provider For Your Household?

As the market leader in gas and electricity prices, Together Energy has been trading since 2016 and has received generally good reviews. However, since its launch, it has lost a lot of good customer reviews, and a recent merger with OneSelect led to the loss of over 36,000 customers. Perhaps Together Energy has grown too fast and the customer service has suffered. With a 2.4 out of 5 Trustpilot rating, Together Energy has been unable to improve its service.

The failure of Together Energy has been a wake-up call for anyone considering switching to another energy provider. The company, which has over 350,000 customers, has been the latest in a series of high-profile supplier collapses. The company has been a strong supporter of fuel mix disclosure and energy efficiency, and has made a point of promoting these causes in their public messaging. Despite this setback, the company remains committed to its core principles.

In November, Together Energy went into administration and had to be rescued by the government and taxpayers until a buyer was found. The firm had repeatedly turned down offers from other energy companies, claiming that their rates were too high to justify the risk. But as a result, the company has struggled to survive and is now unlikely to return to the market. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the company said that the company was “in active conversations” with several industry groups regarding its future.

The company claims that it is an ethical energy supplier. The company pledges to pay a living wage to all its employees and not to increase prices more than 5% without prior notification. In addition, the company also promises to respond to any customer queries within 8 hours. While the company’s ethics are impressive, its customer service is not. Apart from a lack of knowledge about the industry, the staff members are not very helpful. It’s difficult to assess whether Together Energy is the best energy provider for your household.

The company has received mixed reviews from customers. Among them, a majority of consumers have a positive view of the company. But there are a few complaints that make the company an unsuitable partner. Aside from this, the company has failed to meet its own targets. Furthermore, there’s no mobile app for its customers. The company is limited to certain jurisdictions and does not offer a mobile application. There is no way for the government to make these decisions.

Apart from this, Together Energy is also a great option for people who want to be more environmentally-friendly and ethically conscious. The company is a social enterprise and has high ethical standards. Its ethos is to help people get the best energy at the lowest price possible. The energy company has more than 350,000 accounts, but the price is still higher than its competitors. Aside from being unsustainable, it is not ethical to give a poor service to the customer.